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Hire the professional handyman from handy hi and put your mind at ease. I work hard to ensure that all of my services are efficient and cost effective. I can do a one time job or work with you to plan on-going maintenance that suits your household or property.

My workmanship is guaranteed. You can expect me to provide my photo ID and proper certifications. Read more about what services I can offer and contact me for your free estimate.

we provide professional TV Installation Service and Home Theater Installation Services to our customers in Houston, TX, and all surrounding areas. Mounting a TV can be challenging without the right care and equipment; that is where we come in! We can guarantee a safe mounting job without damaging your flat-screen TV. Our team is flooded with professional mounters and has never failed once.  Our services include mounting TVs wherever you desire. That can even be outside your home on the patio, in your bathroom, or even in your bar!

Without a doubt, we can provide TV mounts, HDMI cables, and all other necessary parts to finish the project. If you desire, we can also set up and mount your Sound Bar or your Home Theater System and mount your speakers on the wall or in the ceiling!


 TV MOUNT AND  a home theater, it is not complete unless the wires and cords are well organized and concealed.  allow us to do the hard work of hiding your wires in the wall or ceiling. That includes appropriately running and moving electrical outlets, and you can choose the desired placement on your TV and Media equipment.

 HANDYHI TECH WILL ensure that  give you a high quality and affordable wire concealing job in any home or commercial space you have to offer.

We like to make sure you are 100 PERCENT SATISFY with our work . 



Do you need repair or improvement work? I’ve got years of experience with Deck Staining, and guarantee the quality of my workmanship. Whatever your project, I’m ready to help. Call me now to schedule an appointment and free estimate. I will also answer any questions you may have about how I work and what to expect during your service appointment.

Varnishing the Deck
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handy hi Pros offers professional assembly and installation of all types of kit gazebos. A ready-to-assembly gazebo is an affordable way to bring the indoors outside while creating the perfect oasis for summertime entertaining. Hard or soft top roof, wood or metal framing, we’re experts at proper installation of gazebos across a wide range of manufacturers.


A pergola can be a great backyard addition to provide shade while also being immersed in nature. A pergola’s beam pattern is uniquely designed to allow for crawling vines to wrap in order to provide shade and natural beauty. Our professional installers will ensure your new pergola is built properly and efficiently so you can enjoy your time outside with friends and family.


Home Gym Installation

If you are creating a home gym, be sure to contact us to assemble your equipment. Our expert technicians assemble treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers and weight machines daily and know how to safely and efficiently put your equipment together.

Moving a home gym from one location to another? We can properly dismantle the equipment and then reassemble it at your new home or new location in your existing house.

Exercise Bike Assembly Services

Avoid unnecessary frustrations and bring in the pros for your exercise bike assembly. Though bikes might not look difficult to put together, it’s crucial that handlebars, seat, pedals, and bolts are secured. Our certified technicians will test and make sure your equipment is ready for use.

Treadmill Assembly Services

Make sure your investment stays working optimally in the long run with a proper treadmill installation service. Poor installation of treadmills could lead to a number of problems including property damage, machine breakdown, and injury. Our technicians will make treadmill assembly or disassembly a smooth and simple process.

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